Cubase 9.5 is out now!

Newest Cubase with new 64bit engine

Steinberg has just announced the new version of his flagship DAW. Cubase 9.5 is now available in all 3 pricing plans.

The earlier update allows the company to get in touch with other competitors who already have implemented 64bit engines in their software.

New features of Cubase

Steinberg has also moved on with their single window tabbed interface. The newly added file explorer should make the users happy too. You can prelisten the media before you import it. A little enhancement but extremely handy one.

The other updates include

  • Enhancement made to built-in metronome.
  • Ability to support more VST at the same time (up to 16 without the need to bounce the track).
  • A nice feature is the ability process events offline which lessens the load of CPU.
  • Sampler Track enhancements include drag and drop of MIDI parts that are immediately rendered to audio as well as the new A/B mode for comparing different settings. – is the thing worth more attention as it simplifies the workflow with MIDI sounds.
  • Steinberg also made some improvements to their video engine to be more compatible with modern codecs.


Here are suggested prices for Cubase:

  • 579 euros for Cubase Pro 9.5,
  • 329 euros for Cubase Artist 9.5 and is
  • 99.99 euros for Cubase Elements 9.5.

Various downloadable updates and upgrades are also available through the Steinberg Online Shop.

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Customers who have activated Cubase 9 (or earlier versions) since October 18, 2017, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to the latest versions, respectively.

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