Bitwig Studio 2.2 is out now

Bitwig 2.2 The newest release packed with features

Bitwig is not the biggest, not the oldest but certainly one of the fastest developing DAWs. It is known that many of the company employees have worked with other Digital Audio Workstations development. A major part of them came from Ableton. No wonder these two platforms are similar in some ways. What is new? The […]

recording studio microphone

How to record sound in Audio Editor

Recording Sound | Introduction In this article I will focus on recording sound using the audio editor. There are plenty of those programmes available on the market. A good audio editor programme should be easy to use for you and should also have plenty of practical functions, even those advanced ones which can be used […]

Buss Compression: Handling It With Caution And Care!

Buss Compression: Introduction Once you reach a particular point with your studying about music production, you will almost certainly come across the notion of Buss Compression. It’s possible you’ll begin to ask yourself what it is all about – right after all, many of us already use compression inside our mix. Is this an entire […]

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Sound Modulation: Simple Rules To Follow When Producing Brand New Tracks

Sound Modulation: Introduction to Basic Sound Effects A number of the simple results that feature any modern day DAW lately, right after the basic tools of EQ and compression, are those who use sound modulation. They are easy in guideline, but can be extremely efficient equipment to make effects each refined and dramatic. They have […]