Drums Sample Packs: Introducing the Famous XXL Percussion Collection.

Time to put those Drums Sample Packs to work!

We got lots of request concerning a percussion/drums sample packs these days and as a professional manufacturer we believe we need to listed to our fans.

Thus today the time has come to reveal our special surprise. XXX Percussion Pack is the answer to the call. Insanely large sample pack containing 5224 high quality format samples coming from craziest instruments from around the world. Needless to say it has everything you will ever need concerning drum/percussion action. Standard drum sets, electronic ones and the amazing sounding experimental and oriental instruments.

Download XXL Percussion Pack Collection Here!

Some of the samples are directly made in music studio, some of them are taken from rare vinyl records out there. Here you have 1GB of music samples taken from all around the world waiting for you to check it out. The content includes:

Percussion XXL Pack includes:

  • 838 Bongo
  • 192 Congo
  • 072 Cowbell
  • 1106 Ethnic
  • 121 Guiro
  • 280 Hard Perc
  • 181 Metallic
  • 2022 Percussion
  • 176 Shakers
  • 031 Timpani
  • 205 Toms

As you can see it is a quite diverse creative collection ain’t it ?

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Post Author: Steve