Dubstep Sample Packs: Dubstep Mania with Complete Dubstep Vol.1

Dubstep Sample Packs: Introduction

I can only imagine how many fans of dubstep are becoming amazing music producers, because let’s face it dubstep changed electronic music in vastly different ways in a very short period of time. That’s why as professional producers we want to introduce an amazing dubstep industrial sample packs that will make music production a fulfilling creative experience. Let’s welcome the Complete Dubstep Vol.1!

Download Dubstep Sample Packs Comeplete Dubstep Vol.1 Here!

The Sample Packs includes amazing variety of synthlines, basslines, drum loops, drums, effects, sounds and many many more.

It is definitely possible to build up complete dubstep beat with our professional dubstep sample packs.

Complete Dubstep Vol.1: The Content

  • 65 Basslines
  • 68 Synthlines
  • 101 Drum loops
  • 100 Effects (ambience, down/-up filters, sweeps, impacts)
  • 143 Sounds (one shot basses and synths)
  • 228 Drums (kicks, claps, snares, hi-hats, crash, rides)

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Post Author: Steve