Electro House Sample Packs: Everything You Need For Your EDM

Electro House Sample Packs: The Introduction

Hello everybody, today it may not be a special genre oriented pack, because we all have the thought that Electro House is of the most prominent and popular of electronic music genres.

But fear not Electro House Sample Packs have it’s unique and creative touch to the almost legendary music played all round the best clubs. First to notice it is not just an ordinary pack, these are multisamples guys, high quality stuff for professional music producers, these potential purposes for multisamples are really high and flexible on the other hand.

You may own many electro house sample packs ,Deadmau5 samplepack , Avicii sample pack I don’t even doubt it, but these are multisamples you really should consider trying them before looking somewhere else trying to find something more find. I can assure you these are the tools you need.

Check out Electro House Multisamples Here!

This link will unleash the power of and quality of multisamples be sure to check it out now!

Now lets talk about the content, the pack contains 33 construction kits in the best multiformat and bit rate quality, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Samples are ripped key by key in minimum five octaves which really gives them what it takes to have this amazing expressive feeling you’ve been looking for a long time.

Everything is also compatibile with the most popular digital audio workstations.


  • 33 electro-house multisamples
  • Perfect for modern club tracks
  • Formats: SF2, GIGA, SXT, WAV
  • Size after unpacking archive: 961 mb / format, 1.8 GB / all formats
  • Average 29 MB / instrument
  • Minimum 5 octaves / instrument
  • Sampled all keys [half-tone]
  • Hot & Fat Sound

Multisamples index:

  • Bad Dark Lead 1
  • Bad Dark Lead 2
  • Bad Dark Lead 3
  • Bad Dark Lead 4
  • Beep 1
  • Beep 2
  • Dynamic Bass 1
  • Dynamic Bass 2
  • Electro Lead 1
  • Electro Lead 2
  • Experimental
  • Fast Panning Pad
  • Fat Bass 1
  • Fat Bass 2
  • House Chords
  • House Dynamic Lead 1
  • House Dynamic Lead 2
  • House Dynamic Lead 3
  • Melody House Lead
  • Metal Shock 1
  • Metal Shock 2
  • Moment Of Peace 1
  • Moment Of Peace 2
  • Noise Panning
  • Pitch Attack 1
  • Pitch Attack 2
  • Short Complement 1
  • Short Complement 2
  • Square 1
  • Square 2
  • Square 3
  • Uptime Noise Lead
  • Uptime Pad

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