The end of Cakewalk Sonar?

It might have been unnoticed for many of us (including me) but by the end of November Gibson (yes, THE Guitar brand) announced the end of Cakewalk music software.

A brief background of the story…

Cakewalk has been acquired by Gibson from Roland company in 2013. The new owner stated that it is the beginning of bright years for the music software developer. This however seems to end right now.

However last months were busy in Cakewalk. The company started some interesting project, like the Momentum platform and the development of Mac version of Sonar.

On the Sonar website there is a statement that this is no end for the software itself but the end of active development. So if you own a Sonar copy you don’t have to be afraid for some time. There is also a chance that soon a rich company will buy Cakewalk. I wonder who will that be?

Post Author: Steve