Free Multisamples: Free Sample Pack available to Download

Sometime ago we’ve been experimenting with couple of things, in order to show you our efforts we present to you our batch of professional free multisamples. I hope you all are excited to see what we made in our music labs. We believe multisamples are great music production tools to work with, and music producers are very fond of them. This is why we want to give a small portion of things you might achieve while using our flag products. This is a Full Sample Pack containing 170mb of goodies play with in many genres like techno trance and many many others

Download Free Multisamples batched in a Full Sample Pack!

We really love to get some feedback concerning our products, we believe our free multisamples pack is of high quality it contains samples from our best commercial samples packs we’ve manufactured.

The Pack includes samples from such commercial packs as:

  • Deeper Instruments vol.1
  • Electro-House Multisamples
  • Fantasy Leads
  • Multi Bass Waveforms
  • Ultra Dance Leads vol.1
  • Ultra Dance Leads vol.2

Download other sample packs here!

So, do not hesitate give them a chance and leave your thoughts on our facebook fanpage Here other free samples are also announced there!

Post Author: Steve