Giant lists of sample packs, VSTs and sample players

Each one of us, music makers had this at least once: a head full of ideas, hard drive full of samples and vst’s but nothing that fits your ideas. What to do? You need to find more resources! Here are some of my favorite lists.

These lists are made and maintained by many patient people. I would like to show some support to all of them. If by chance I missed somebody please contact me and I will fix this.

Large sample packs, plugins and other music making resources list

Here is one of the biggest sample packs lists I ever found. It is created by metemi few years ago but links are checked quite frequently.

Metemi’s sample packs list

Another great resource is the KVR Audio forum. There are several interesting categories within this board:

KVR: Samples, Sampling and Sample Libraries

KVR: VST, Effects, Plugins, Virtual Instruments

KVR: Soundware list

All above should keep you busy for at least a week. But if somehow it is not enough for you, here is more:

Gargantuan size list of VST, samples and sample players by Chris Bodum

This one is checked once a year (no wonder, it’s about 9000 links to check!). Some might not work but most of these links do work. If not, try to find the backup copy in repository.

Sample packs & VST collections…

A piece of advice from me: don’t install 100 vst’s at the same time. Don’t download a terabyte of samples. Take it piece by piece, see what fits you and which software doesn’t work.It is easy to stuff your computer with data you aren’t able to check and don’t like to delete as they might be useful to you.

If you find a dead link or a faulty software tell the authors to help them doing the great job they do. Access to these sites is free, so is most of downloads. Instead of paying with money show some help and respect.


Post Author: Steve