Sample Pack For Free: Time Machine Volume One Promo Pack!

Sample Pack: Time Machine Vol.1 For Free!

Christmas is coming pretty soon, so it is great time to add a couple of free packs to our favourable sample library.
We all love presents. And our present today is this amazing sample pack: Machine Volume.
The Quality of this sample pack will simply astonish you! It cointains vast amount of production tools without which you cannot start and continue your journey with samples and music production in general!
You want realistic sounding instuments ? You can buy them … but are giving them to you for free! in a digital form, but they sound almost as good as traditional instruments. The samples are also analogue for you audiophile quality lovers!
The sample pack is named time machine because we concentrate around vintage quality sound, retro sounds and synths, old instruments all the good stuff we all love pretty much! The Pack is completely free to dowload to don’t hesitate and check them out!

Download The Full Free Sample Pack Here!
sample pack

Sample Pack: The Promo Pack Contains!

* 3.6 gigabytes of analog synth samples
* Sounds from the legendary Yamaha DX7
* 72 Gig instruments, 25 mb/ instrument
* Additional formats for Ni Kontakt and Halion
* Pure vintage synth sound
* Fat basses, pads and powerful lead sounds
* Recorded using analog devices
* Compatibile with most virtual samplers
* Formats: 24-bit GIG, WAV NKI, FXP

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