Trance Sample Packs: Complete Trance Volume Three

Trance Sample Packs: Third Part of Complete Trance is here!

Here comes the Trance! It is time to evaluate everything we’ve done in terms of trance sample packs.

If you thought that you have everything you need to make great beats and trance tracks, well I’m not so such cause we have here Complete Trance Vol.3 waiting for you to unleash new creative ideas and genius live acts.

We are blasting through your old-fashioned outdated trance sample packs with fresh new sounds made by professional musicians and music producers.

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Trance Sample Packs: Content!

This exceptionally large collection consists of 10 strongly developed construction kits with a tempo of 138-140 BPM. You can find of course midi files with multi-track recordings of all sequences. Below you can find listed selection of included content!

Included Content

  • 10 Trance construction kits (318 samples)
  • 10 Multi-track midi samples
  • 100 Drum loops
  • 100 Trance Drums (kicks, claps, snares, hihats)
  • 100 Sound effects (down/up-filters, hits, reverse fx, misc fx)

Do not hesitate and check our sample packs available here! We have every possible genre-related music production tools you’ve imagined!

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