Ableton Live 10: We know release date and price

Updated DAW is in beta and will be released in 2018

Ableton has announced it so now it is official. We now know when will we see the new version of our beloved DAW. We also know how much will the software cost. Let’s see what is under the hood of Ableton 10 thanks to Ben Rogerson and his nice review.

The newest version of popular digital audio workstation is in beta version. The official release will take place in first quarter of 2018. What is so special about it? As many of you surely remember, the last major update holding number 9 was four years ago. That is quite a long time as for software developer.

Create bolder sounds with Live’s new devices. Stay in the flow with a multitude of workflow improvements. Do even more away from the computer with Push. Build your sound with a curated library. And get the unlimited potential of Max for Live, seamlessly built in.

That is what people from Ableton say…

The features in Ableton 10

As far as i know there will be three major improvements. That is of course, besides numerous bug fixes and other behind the scenes improvements.

In terms of workflow, the interface looks pretty similar but some changes have been made in Arrangement View. You can also make groups inside other groups to work with the Set better. Note chasing option which allows the MIDI notes to be played even if you are late with triggering them (by using pad for example).

In new Ableton We’ll be able to use new Devices. One of them, called Wavetable, is a virtual synth. It consists of sound patterns taken from analogue synthesizers and various emulated analogue devices. It sounds like many hours spent happily on sculpting your sounds. The next ones are Echo delay and Pedal – both of them are effects packed with some nice ability to manipulate the sound. The last on the list is Drum Buss. This is to be a tool for creating and messing with drum sounds.

There are also some major changes in the sound library. The sounds have been updated and should be better quality and better organised. There are some new packs available. Four of them, to be precise, and they are called Essential Instruments. One of these packs is multisampled electric piano. I really look forward to test it out!

How much will they take from me for my favorite DAW?

The pricing will look as follows:

  • Download (non-box) versions:
    • Live Intro: £69/$99/€79
    • Live Standard: £319/$449/€349
    • Live Suite: £539/$749/€599
  • Boxed versions are a bit more expensive. Still it is nice to look up and see the Ableton box among your music production books and magazines.
    • Live Intro: £89/$99/€99
    • Live Standard: £359/$499/€399
    • Live Suite: £579/$799/€649

Before the official release date it will be possible to buy all versions of Ableton Live 9 at 20% discount and get a free update to Live 10.

Post Author: Steve