Neutron2 Compressor

iZotope updates Ozone and Neutron

iZotope is known for their great mastering and mixing plugins(check mixing samples). The company name and their products no not have to be introduced here. Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 are the two of their major products. Both updates are released recently. Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 introduce game-changing features, including the ability to communicate […]

recording studio microphone

How to record sound in Audio Editor

Recording Sound | Introduction In this article I will focus on recording sound using the audio editor. There are plenty of those programmes available on the market. A good audio editor programme should be easy to use for you and should also have plenty of practical functions, even those advanced ones which can be used […]

console controls modulator knobs

Sound Modulation: Simple Rules To Follow When Producing Brand New Tracks

Sound Modulation: Introduction to Basic Sound Effects A number of the simple results that feature any modern day DAW lately, right after the basic tools of EQ and compression, are those who use sound modulation. They are easy in guideline, but can be extremely efficient equipment to make effects each refined and dramatic. They have […]