How to record sound in Audio Editor

Recording Sound | Introduction

In this article I will focus on recording sound using the audio editor. There are plenty of those programmes available on the market. A good audio editor programme should be easy to use for you and should also have plenty of practical functions, even those advanced ones which can be used later on, when you improve your skills.

At the beginning it is important to check whether the programme has a function of advanced sound level control during recording. It is one of key issue during recording. A good program for beginners can be Audacity. It works for Windows, Linux, Mac and it is suitable for all levels users. Other useful audio editor programmes are Hanson recorder or SND. If you will look at the Internet you will find some suitable programmes for your needs and skill level.

If you chose the most suitable programme for you…you can finally start your recording!

First, set the operating parameters of the programme (you can do it using it: file -> preferences). You should always record the sound as CD quality parameters – stereo, 44100 Hz, 16 bits, PCM. It is very important if you want to record good quality sound and do not waste time for rerecording it once again. Tick the appropriate options for you and close the configuration window.

It is high time to do the test record. Turn on the sound source which you will use and then click the record icon. In Audacity audio editor programm you will find it on the top of the window. After few seconds of recording turn off it and look at the obtained graph of recorded sound.

Increase the volume

If the graph is only in the middle of the path, it means that the sound reaches the low attitudes and it is very quiet. In this case it should be increased the volume of the external device and of the sound card input (in mixer).

Sometimes the situation can be quite opposite when the graph is “burst” and there are crackles (overdrive) in the sound. In this case you have to lower the volume of your music and pc equipments and repeat the recording once again.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to set the appropriate parameters of the mixers. It needs time and few tests recording. The possibility of preview of the sound level during recording can be very useful and helpful. However, some errors which will occur during recording at this very beginning stage can be results of different activities, not even related to the setting of the mixer. Some other reasons of bad quality of sound are for example, bad quality of cables or wrong connection of used devices. It is worth to check all sources of interferences. Remember, the interferences occurred at this stage of recording may have been impossible to remove.

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